Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Hmong Culture & History
This program is established to help youth learn and understand their own culture, language, and history in order to preserve their traditional  heritage, yet instill in them the best Hmong and American value for future success.

Translation Services
Hmong translators are available to assist non-English speaking Hmong Oklahomans in the following areas:

Service Areas:

·         Social Service Agency
·         Insurance
·         Attorney Consultation (1st time only)
·         Small Claims
·         Minor Court Interpretation

We Do Not Service In these Areas:
·         Big Court Claims
·         Criminal Cases
·         Cases Where Both Parties Have Their Own Lawyers
·         Provide Transportation for Clients

Note: Our volunteer Interpreters are not certified translators; therefore, they will not give advice and/or input in the translation process.  They will only translate what is said between parties; however, they will provide more explanation if needed.

Employment Referral Services

The organization links individuals seeking employment with agencies.

Mutual Assistance

The organization serves as a bridge to improve cultural understanding between Hmong and non-Hmong groups in case of conflicts.

Hmong Traditional New Year

Hmong Oklahoma New Year celebration takes place each November and is attended by thousands of Hmong from all over the world. During this time of merriment and celebration, the Hmong renew their commitment to their culture, language, traditions and values, while extolling the values of their new homeland. Each year the community gather to celebrate their tradition where culture comes alive with colorful Hmong clothes, music, food, entertainment, and more.

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