New Year 2017 Food Booth

“Food and Boba Tea vendor only”

Important Message:

“You can start setting up booth Friday(10/27) morning.”


Health Department Regulation – click here ~(special-events-requirements-042816 )

“Please read this “Special-events-requirements” document  and go through this package carefully.” This regulation provided by the Health Department has not change from last year.  Keep in mind that the Health Department will be inspecting every booth to make sure you meet their requirement. Also, once we have a meeting date scheduled with the Health Department, we will let you all know. For those of you that have questions or concerns, please email them to me ( For contact by phone, please call between Monday-Friday from 5pm to 9pm. Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 9pm (918-557-4915). If I am not available, please leave a message with your name and phone number, I will return your call.  Thank you ~Jerry Vue


~~~Health Department~~~ FAQ

“Who needs to have a Food Handlers Permit?”

Any person, who handles, prepared, serves, sells or gives away food for consumption by persons other than his or her immediate family. The requirement applies to all food workers including persons washing or bussing dishes, serving foods, and preparing drinks, but not to a hostess merely seating guests and supply menus. Additionally, the requirement does not apply to establishments serving all pre-packaged foods.


“Are Food Handler Permits from other Counties or States valid in Tulsa County?”

Tulsa does have reciprocity agreement with some surrounding counties to accept their food handler training, but not their cards.  Workers from Rogers, Creek, Osage, Wagoner or Pawnee County should bring their card to the Main Food Handler Office at 14002 E 21st Street, Suite 500 in Tulsa along with the $13 fee to have a Tulsa County card made.  The card will be valid through the date on the original card.


“Can I prepare food items in my home and sell them to the public?”

Foods offered for sale to the general public must be prepared in a licensed, commercial-type kitchen. The facility must be completely separate from any living or private quarters. Commercial grade equipment is needed which, depending on the foods prepared, may include refrigerators, hot food units, dish-washing equipment, hand-washing sinks, and mop sinks. Construction materials for the floors, walls and ceilings of the food preparation area and the restrooms are required to meet certain standards as well as certain lighting requirements. Licenses are required from the Oklahoma State Department of Health and some cities require a separate license also. The Tulsa Food Code is available on our web site which goes into more detail on food establishment requirements.


“If I use a hand sanitizer, do I need to wash my hands?”

YES! Hand sanitizers do not replace proper handwashing. Although hand sanitizers can effectively kill some germs on your hands, they do little to reduce the surface tension between your skin and dirt/grease/germs. The sanitizer only has an effect on the outer layer of film on your hands. Some bad germs are still present. When washing hands, first wet your hands with warm water, lather with soap for at least 20 seconds, rinse with warm water, then dry with a clean towel.

~~For more questions and answer regarding food safety, click on the below link.


~~For information on Food Safety Training classes                                     ~ click here ~ (fh-schedule-16-2)

Food Safety Training Class Time:

~Monday: 9:00am , 12pm, 6pm

~Tuesday: No class, Office open for questions

~Wednesday: 9am, 2pm

~Thursday: 9am, 12pm

~Friday: only Spanish class are available.

Location: Eastgate Metroplex Training Center

14002 E. 21st Street, Suite 550, Tulsa OK 74134

Office Phone: 918-437-3338

If you need an English/Hmong translator, I will be available Monday and Wednesday to help.

Any questions, please call me Jerry (918-557-4915)


Important Note: Booths selected are not final until deposit has been received.

Fallow the three steps below:

  1. Selected your booth belowFood_Booths
  2. Print and sign the booth agreement   ~click here( Hmong New Year Booth Agreement 2017 )
  3. Contact the Vendor Coordinator (Jerry Vue) to confirm your selection availability.


Food Vendors: $1,200 fee / $600 deposit
Boba Tea: $600 fee / $300 deposit


Vendor Coordinator Contact Information:

Jerry Vue

Cell: (918) 557-4915 …. If I’m not available, please leave a voicemail. Thanks