New Year 2017 Booth Vendor for General

General Booth Vendor


Important Note:

“You can start setting up booth Friday(10/27) morning.”


~Booths selected are not final until deposit has been received.

Fallow the three steps below:

  1. Selected your booth below from section A or B number 1 to 50. See below map for details.

Notes: Section A is the south side closing to the Main Event tent. Section B is located to the north side of the sports area.

2. Contact the Vendor Coordinator (Yee Xiong) to confirm your selection availability.

3. Print and sign the booth agreement      ~click here( Hmong New Year Booth Agreement 2017)


General Booths: $200 fee / $100 deposit

Non-Profit Promotional Booth: FREE (Limited Space, please contact vendor coordinator)


Vendor Coordinator Contact Information:

Yee Xiong

Cell: (539) 777-5916